Did you ever realise that your fuzzy friend is actually helping you out by providing better mental health? Now you know, because researches have concluded that pet owners are benefited with better mental health, apart from all the fun.

People love to have pets, well, most people; and now, they have a bonus of better mental health. A new study by researchers suggests that perhaps it’s time to consider pets as a major source of support in the long-term management of mental health issues. Researchers of the universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton reviewed the evidence related to the benefits of companionship of animals and role of pets on humans; concluding that pets can actually provide considerable support to maintain good mental health, especially for those living with mental health problems. During the research review, experts reviewed 17 different international research papers with 1,727 participants to explore the depths and extent of the role played by pets in an individual’s life.

The result indicated the ‘intensiveness’ of connectivity people with companion animals reported, and the many ways in which pets contributed to the work associated with managing a mental health condition, particularly in times of crisis. Being loved by an animal and the feeling of some living being’s total dependency on oneself could be the reason of the benefits we get from pets, unknowingly. During the review, four recurring themes were observed among the pet owners’ responses: emotional work, practical work, biographical work, and social interaction.

Emotional work showed how pet animals have helped their owners to elevate mental strength and reduce stress levels. Practical work showed how the actual physical work pet owners have to do for their pets distracted them from the symptoms of steps and mental illness. Pets also helped in getting rid of emotions like loneliness, lack of love and companionship and delivered the sense of self-worth and identity. While there are psychological impacts upon the loss of pet, but the benefits overshadow the drawback and pets ensure their owners have a healthy and positive mind. There you go, now you have another reason to have a pet.