Following the footsteps of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh government has announced the enforcement of plastic ban in the state from July 15, 2018 – the third time since 2015.

After the Maharashtra plastic ban, other states across India are looking up to adapting similar laws in a bid to control plastic pollution in India. Which is why, in a not-so-surprising surprise, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath declared that the state government will ban plastic bags, cups and glasses across the state from July 15, 2018. Albeit this is the third time that Uttar Pradesh is banning single-use polyethylene bags since 2015, the ban is likely to be sterner from July 15.

While announcing about the government’s plan on plastic ban, Yogi expressed how it would be a big movement for the protection of environment and also sought co-operation from the public. However, it has still not been clearly specified of what will be allowed and what will be banned in Uttar Pradesh from July 15 – except for “plastic bags, cups and glasses”. The state government is yet to finalise modalities and once confirmed and approved, it will be rolled out among common people prior to the plastic ban deadline. As predicted by a Samajwadi party leader, this can turn out to be a national movement as other states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and others are planning to impose strict plastic ban.