Playing golf used to be fun, but playing it regularly could be the reason for longer life and also saving you from getting mental strokes, because a study revealed that the game boost longevity and cuts down risks of cardiac and mental diseases and strokes.

Indulging in some sort of sports in general is good for health and everyone knows that. But now, a panel of international experts have come to a conclusion that playing golf is good not just for physical and mental health but it can also boost longevity while reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The panel, led by the University of Edinburgh, also claimed that playing golf, can also improve strength and balance in older adults. Golf seems to have added benefits to offer for those with physical and mental disabilities as well.

The reason behind such immense benefits that the sport has on offer is presumed to be its outdoor format which connects the players with nature and sociable nature which builds social bonds with the people involved in the sport. However, the researchers explained that the sport, while providing moderate aerobic physical activity, would be maximum beneficial only to those players as well as spectators who chose to walk round the course instead of opting for a golf cart to travel within the golf course.

Researchers suggested that ideally, golfers should look to play the sport for around 150 minutes a week while stating that golfers are more prone to the risk of skin cancer than players from other sports. Thus, it is advisable for golfers to do warm-up exercises prior to playing the sport and use sun-cream and wear collared shirts or blouses to reduce the risk of skin cancer among them. Perhaps, golf should be made more inclusive and welcoming for people from all parts of the society to provide its resultant benefits to all.