A 22-year-old girl who is HIV-positive won the 2017 release of the Miss Congo UK excellence show, which occurred at the Stratford Town Hall on April 1. This function endeavours to “celebrate Congolese beauty and empower Congo women.”

Horcelie Sinda, the dazzling lady hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo, however, and by contemplating for in London, seeking a Fine Arts degree.

Post her sublime win at the event she has arrangements to come back to Congo, and help advance crusades on HIV and AIDS, with an adolescent drove a mass called Youth Stop AIDS, which battles “for a world without AIDS.

“I am happy I have won at least something in my life and my story has warmed people’s hearts and that is the most important thing,” she told.

Horcelie talked about how it felt to be informed that she had HIV at an exceptionally youthful age, how she hadn’t taken any medications for it before that, her fantasies, sees on having a sweetheart and that’s just the beginning.