Chandigarh: India’s Border Security Force (BSF) has given over a Pakistani adolescent who had navigated into the nation’s domain unexpectedly in the Abohar division in Indian Punjab.

The Pakistani national, who has been distinguished as 15-year-old Razak from Kasur District, was secured by Indian troopers on Friday in the region of Sowar Wali in Abohar segment.

BSF representative overseer general RS Kataria said the Pakistani adolescent had crossed the International Boundary, entered the Indian boundary and come to close to the fringe security fence.

“The Pakistan Rangers were contacted on Saturday and the apprehended Pakistani national was handed over to them being an inadvertent border crosser on humanitarian grounds,” he added.

This is not the first occasion when that the BSF has given over Pakistani nationals to the officers. This is evidently the seventh time that the BSF has given over a Pakistani national who have incidentally crossed borders.

Then, Pakistan has not yet reacted to India’s ask for to give consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav. Pakistan media had before announced that the nation had denied the consular access for the sixteenth time. A Pakistani court had granted death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav after he was accused of “espionage activities” against Pakistan. Best legislators had turned out to denounce the sentence with External issue serve Sushma Swaraj stating that if Pakistan proceeds with death sentence the two-sided ties of both the nations should be affected.

India has guaranteed that Kulbhusna was a previous Indian maritime officer and that he was seized from Tehran, Iran.