Getting better each day and staying ahead of rivals, Facebook-owned messaging app Whatsapp has rolled out an update which adds a number of features for group chats in the app – mostly giving more control and power to admins and an option to catch up with messages.

The world’s most popular internet-based messaging app Whatsapp has released an update, adding yet another bunch of new features that will change the user experience, mainly in group chat messages. This will be a latest addition to the stake of recently added features like Payments service using UPI, Business accounts, video calling and deleting messages – to mention just a few among others. Considering the fact that groups have always been an integral part of Whatsapp, the company has decided to upgrade group chatting with a set of features which includes those that give out more control to admins of Whatsapp groups.

Here are the set of new features on Whatsapp:

Adding group description – With this feature, all group admins will be able to add description to the group which can be used to define the purpose and particular point of discussion. Also, when a new member will be added, the description will show up at the top of the chat. This will let the admin convey clear message of what is to be discussed in the group.

New controls for admins – Group admins will have extra control with new feature that will allow them to restrict the ability of users who can change the group’s subject, display icon, and description. The purpose of this is to prevent abuse by members of large groups, especially controlling the mischievous members in certain groups.

Participant search – This feature will let one search for a particular user who is also a member of the group by just looking up their name.

Group chat catch-up – At some point, we all must have muted a Whatsapp group or been away for long time. In such case, the new feature will come handy as it will let users catch up on messages that were addressed directly to that user. Also, users will be able to directly reply to specific messages mentioning them by simply tapping on the new @ button that appears at the bottom right corner of the chat – it’s quite handy and cool.

Other important features include one that lets admins will be able to remove admin permissions for participants. Similarly, those users who created the WhatsApp Group are immune to being removed from the group they started.