Indian President, Vice-President and Prime Minister will soon experience luxury and ease of travelling as they are likely to get state-of-art VVIP airplanes of their own, specially customised for the top-level senior governing officials, by 2020.

Being the governing head of a nation comes with uncountable responsibilities and numerous trips in and beyond the national borders. Currently, whenever a VVIP visits overseas under duties, the government borrows the Boeing 747 from Air India – however, this will change soon as the VVIP officials will soon have their own customised planes, thanks to the procurement of two new Boeing 777-300ERs by Air India. Recently, the state-owned carrier Air India had purchased two Boeing 777-300 ERs and they will be modified as per need.

As per Air India, these planes will be retrofitted with features like conveniences and security systems which are mandatory for flying the top three top-ranking political figures in the country. In two of the three planes, there will be VIP enclosure, press conference room and a patient transport unit for medical emergencies. Since the plane will be carrying top level leaders, security and convenience will always be kept in mind. The new planes of equipped with top-notch anti-missile systems, radar-dodging mechanics and other security features. Besides these, latest communication system and a personal room for the VVIP traveller might be added too.

However, the main difference between currently borrowed and used Boeing 747s and Boeing 777 is that the new planes can fly non-stop to the United States – mitigating the need for refuelling halts – whereas it is not possible do that in the currently used ones. For VVIP flying operations, Air India will pool up 44 pilots, four of whom will always be on a standby and stationed in Delhi, whereas others will be stationed as per need. This will be the first set of brand new Indian planes dedicated to Prime Minister, President and Vice-President which will be ready by 2020.