Addressing at the event of Golden Jubilee celebration of the reputed Jesus & Mary College, President Ram Nath Kovind rooted the importance of girls’ education to harness country’s economic as well as social development at its best.

The contribution of Christian and Catholic groups in India for providing quality education roots back to the Colonial era and even 2000 years ago, and ever since then, convent and missionary schools are continuously providing elite education to the Indian youth. Marking the event of golden jubilee for one of the finest catholic institutes of India – Jesus & Mary College (JMC) in New Delhi, President Kovind was invited at the inaugural celebration. During the speech, President talked about how catholic educational groups have played a crucial role in educating India.

President Kovind also pitched in towards educating girls which will ultimately help in developing a better economy and social health of the entire country. He said that it was imperative that Indian youths’ energy gets harnessed through proper education for national development, especially girls’ education. The value of educating young girls will not only boost economy of the country, but it will also help in developing a better society.

The nature and working pattern of the country’s business sector is changing at a fast pace, in alliance with technology, so it becomes important to educate the next generation in accordance with modern era. It is not just about passing from school, receiving X number of grades or getting degree certificates, today’s modern workplace needs actual knowledge and talent – and that roots to basic schooling. It is all connected, it is all deep rooted, and that is exactly what the new President of India was trying to convey on Wednesday’s speech.