Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always wanted to directly connect with the beneficiaries of his government’s pet schemes on one-on-one basis. Presenting one more example of the act, this time he has said he will speak to the farmers of the country about issues concerning them and the agriculture sector on June 20.

Earlier, PM Modi has already interacted over video call with some of the 4 crore women who got free cooking gas (LPG) connections under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Not just that, he has also interacted with beneficiaries of health scheme and start-up programme. Today, he interacted with beneficiaries of the various Digital India efforts. During this interaction, PM Modi said he would be speaking to farmers on June 20 on developments and advancements in the agriculture sector.

He asked the three lakh Common Service Centres (CSCs), which act as access points for digital delivery of services, to become a platform for the upcoming interaction. “On 20th (June 20) at 9:30 am, I will be talking to farmers. On that day in your CSC centres…can you host them? I will talk to those farmers. Your CSCs will become so powerful (agents of delivery)…that PM of the country will talk directly to villages, via the three lakh CSCs,” he said.
Typically, while carrying out such open interactions, the prime minister makes an opening statement about the subject or the scheme, and thereafter beneficiaries gathered at different centres across the country relate their experiences about the topic being discussed. In order to interaction make the interaction more lively, he tries to address the participants in their local language, the way he did with those from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu at today’s session. Such open and frank interactions with the general and rural people of India are certainly praiseworthy efforts being undertaken by the honourable Prime Minister and there is no doubt that it will certainly earn him a lot of appreciation and liking by the common mass of the country.