Priyanka Chopra, a globally famous actress and our UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, in the midst of her wedding preps is also taking out time to encourage girl child empowerment and enlighten people with the importance of education for girls.

Priyanka has been featured in a YouTube video launched on Thursday, international girl child day, spreading the message that girls should be provided opportunities to prove themselves and that they’re capable of everything they wish to do. In a series of four advertisements to be released in the next several weeks, Priyanka is shattering the stereotypes girls are used to hearing in the country today.

Along with Priyanka some other celebrities have lined up to circulate this message throughout the world. These celebrities include Prajakta Koli (Mostlysane), Bhuvan Bam (Famous YouTuber- BB ki vines), and Vidya Vox. They will be producing a couple of advertisements to explain the importance of female education.


Priyanka, in her video, says, “As girls grow up, the list of instructions grow as well. ‘Ladkiyan zaada uchal kud nahin karte (Don’t jump around too much)’, ‘Ladkiyan uchi awaaz main nahin bolti (girls don’t raise their voice)’, ‘Padhai main kya rakha hai (whats’s the point in studying so hard)’, ‘Ghar hi toh sambhalna hai (you will be managing the house after all)’… so what are girls to do.

“Girls will follow their dreams and will do everything.” As the actress said, “The battle is global. Which means, more effort from all of us as a responsible society. If the battle is big, let’s match our efforts to that scale, and up the ante on how we can help reduce that number. Bring more smiles, send more girls to school, ensure less dropouts and empower every girl child’s dream.” Priyanka has also written a blog regarding the same topic about one of her visits to a rural area school. The video is definitely worth watching and strongly appeals to empower girls.