From Met Gala to the Royal Wedding and directly hopping to the Rohingya refugee camps at Cox Bazaar in Bangladesh representing UNICEF as Goodwill Ambassador, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra comes out as a glamorous yet socially responsible public figure.

There are celebrities, and there are celebrities who make an impact in the society with their stands and support for truth and those in need – and Bollywood-now-Hollywood-too actress Priyanka Chopra certainly falls under the latter category. Recently, she made an outstanding entry at the Met Gala with her glammed up style on the red carpet – a global actor indeed. Days after that, Priyanka was seen in classy attire, attending the royal wedding of her friend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Britain – a friend indeed. Straight out from there, the actress is currently at the Cox Bazaar refugee camps with Rohingya children in Bangladesh, as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights – a social public figure, indeed.

Known as the largest and possibly the worst conditioned refugee camps in the world, the Rohingya camps at Cox Bazaar in Bangladesh is temporary refuge to around 700,000 people from Myanmar – who fled the ethnic cleansing ops in their homeland. The Rohingyas have been living at Cox Bazaar since April 2017 in highly vulnerable, extremely overcrowded camps with no idea when or where they will ever belong, or even, when they will get their next meal. The worst part is, of the seven lakh Rohingya refugees, 60% are children – living in worst unsustainable conditions with hardly any food or water available.


Stepping up to help the Rohingya children, Priyanka flew to their camps and is spending her time there with a couple of volunteers who have taken the initiative to teach the kids. The 35-year-old actress is representing the UNICEF as its ambassador and is making efforts to support the children who she says are scarred for life because of their ordeal. While sharing some photographs of herself in the refugee camp, Priyanka has urged to everyone that the world needs to come together to give Rohingya refugee kids a secure future as “no child deserves a life without hope for the future.”