After years of speculations, “will she – will she not?” moments and mild denials, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has finally made an official debut in politics upon being appointed as the general secretary of East Uttar Pradesh, where she will directly face off with BJP’s star campaigner Yogi Adityanth and SP-BSP alliance.

Laden with heavily political genomes, Priyanka Gandhi has never been too far away from politics, although never for candidacy, but she has always remained the prime campaigners for Congress in their strongholds – Amethi and Rae Bareli. Priyanka is also known to have a say in formalising strategies and candidate selection for the Grand party, but has always remained in the backdrops of official electoral runs in elections. After years of speculation, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has been appointed as the chief for taking care of familiar landscapes of eastern Uttar Pradesh’s poll campaigns and preparations.

The official transition of Priyanka from a de facto Congress worker to a de jure should bring along enthusiasm for the party, which was sunken off the opposition stage as BSP and SP decided to leave Congress out of the alliance in UP and beyond, as of now. Considering the fact that Priyanka Gandhi has been one of the prime role in mustering up the Congress-SP alliance for 2017, it could give out a new hope to Congress to fight the ’38+38′ opposition equation. Perhaps letting the brand ambassador of ‘Nehru-Gandhi-Congress’ is the sign of Rahul Gandhi’s evidently maturing political perceptions after a year of ground zero political presence.

Whether Priyanka being taken out of the hanger be seen as a proverbial brahmastra for circa 2019, or an electoral cliché of nepotism turned into large, but her stunning resemblance with Indira Gandhi and Nehru charisma will let Congress get a breather from running just on the name of surname – at least internally in the party, if not beyond. Another factor for Priyanka Gandhi coming out of the proverbial closet is an informal insignia of the time being “ripe” for a nationwide political resurrection. And that, rather than whether or not her debut being will change tides for Congress in 2019, lays a much stronger buttress for the party’s confidence.