Adding to the law enforcements being taken against smartphone game – PUBG, Rajkot Police that has called for an official ban on the game starting from March 9, 2019.

The viral South Korean battle game for smartphones – PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became one of the most popular games in recent times, but it has often crept itself into law enforcements against its use for being “addictive and harmful in nature”. Previously, Gujarat state administration had sent out a circular to strictly disallow the popular game, considering the negative effects it leaves, especially on children. However, the state-wide ban on PUBG was only limited to primary school students during their study hours.

In the latest developments on the game ban, Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal issued a notice on Monday that the game will be banned in Rajkot city from March 9, 2019 – that is today – till April 30, 2019. As per media reports, the notice clarifies that once PUBG ban is implemented, “anyone could report an instance of someone playing PUBG and the latter may face prosecution under the Central Government Act under Section 188”. However, it is unclear if the ban will be implemented across the entire district or be only limited to schools.

The criticism and bans on PUBG are in the light of the district administration statistics that shows a deterioration in academic performance of students since the game was introduced. Citing these negative effects, Surat became the first city to ban PUBG earlier this year – followed by Rajkot. Perhaps, the game developers have invited much more criticism than they might have expected. In a response, the game company stated that their teams “will take measures to make the game more responsible” and is working with “parents, educators, and government bodies to improve the game”.