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Punjab mandates dope test for ministers

In the first for India, Punjab Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh declared the rule to undergo through a dope test is now mandatory for all government employees in the wake of a viral video showing Punjab Police officer smoking weed recently.

Besides being known for the quality of wheat and the rich cuisine, Punjab is infamous for a number of for drug consumption incidents; remember Udta Punjab? While it is mostly blamed upon the Punjabi youth taking drugs, but it roots down to higher unemployment ration and leniency of authorities in mandating rules. Recently, a video went viral on the social media, showing a Punjab State Police personnel smoking weed openly – showing the condition in the state. Punjab CM Amarinder Singh saw this as a wakeup nudge and decided to straighten out the laws from room to eradicate the prevailing problem of drugs in Punjab.

On Thursday, CM Singh decided to tackle things his way and imposing a first-of-its-kind rule in India under which, every government servant including police personnel of the state will be required to go through dope test. The mandatory drug test will not be conducted just once or twice, but from the beginning of their service, through all the stages till the end of their working period - to make sure nobody can get away with it. Furthermore, CM Singh has also strictly warned all the drug smugglers and peddlers to give up on their wicked practices or else they will be punished accordingly with the punishments being as serious as death penalty for even the first-time offenders, as recommended by the Punjab cabinet.

Just a day after Chief Minister Singh made the declaration of mandatory dope tests, Punjab Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Aman Arora underwent a dope test at a government hospital in Mohali district. Congress leader Manish Tewari also supported the decision, while Punjab minister Tript Bajwa underwent through the test too. Tewari has also urged Central government to make dope test compulsory for MLAs and MPs across India to abolish the serious problem of drugs that it is.

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