The recently elected Chief Minister of Punjab – Amarinder Sing has shown his concerns regarding the depriving healthcare in the state and to improve the health regime, he has announced state government’s plans to start up new ward clinics across Punjab and health insurance for all.

Marking the requirement of improving the depriving healthcare system in Punjab for people who cannot afford costly private medical assistance, the Congressmen CM – Amarinder Singh declared during the Vidhan Sabha meeting that the Punjab government has decided to build up new ward clinics aka mohalla clinics across the state so that medical assistance can be received by everyone at affordable rates and easily. Also, the government has initiated providing health insurance to all so that everyone can avail quality healthcare, on time and easily at affordable costs. These two schemes will ensure that the even the financially deprived class of society can avail medical care whenever required. The government has also initiated regular medical screening and check-ups for adults above 30 and school kids to detect any diseases and avoid them from spreading.

And it is not just about clinics and check-ups, but the Punjab government is working to promote healthcare from grass-root level by promoting medical education in the state. From special drives for filling the vacancies of super specialist courses, to setting up new medical college in Mohali, the CM seems to be very spontaneous towards heath care. The state government has also given an incentive of 30% marks to PCMS medical students in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for post-graduation.

With all these measures, Punjab will get even healthier and for being strong they already have all the amazing lassis, ghee, paneer, milk and butter. Captain Amarinder Singh has been elected in March, and just within three months he has made significant reformations and to take a closer look to what work is pending for more than a year during the previous governing body’s tenure, a satellite centre of PGIMER at Ferozepur will be used. Impressive captain, chak de phatte!