In a diplomatically historic progression, Russian President Vladimir Putin showed readiness to visit the Washington for a follow-up meeting of the controversial Helsinki Summit; and also invited Trump to visit Moscow for a summit.

At the BRICS, Putin said that he is ready to visit Washington as invited by his American counterpart after the Helsinki summit and he also invited Trump to visit Moscow for further meeting. This comes after the uproar in the White House at the controversial Helsinki, and willingness from both leaders to conduct follow-up meeting. In response, the White House says that Trump was enthusiastic about another Russia summit and he “looks forward to having President Putin to Washington after first year and open to visit Moscow upon receiving a formal invitation.”

But while showing readiness to visit the White House, Putin expressed the “need of appropriate conditions to exist” after which, he will visit the States and he also invited Trump to “be his guest”. Trump, by far, has not visited the Russian capital after taking over as the President of the US and the last time he visited Moscow was in 2013, to attend a Miss Universe beauty pageant (certainly). And about Putin, the last time he was at the White House was in 2001 under Bush’s presidency and it was observed to be “a day of progress and a day of hope for America-Russia relations”.

So if all goes well, the White House might just receive an official guest from the Kremlin in the fall of this year. And as Trump said, they can start implementing “some of the many things discussed” which includes “stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear proliferation, cyber-attacks, trade, Ukraine, Middle East peace, North Korea, and more.” Trump also says that there are a lot of problems “but they can ALL be solved”, so it is to see whether Putin is officially invited to the White House, and if he is, will he say yes to the idea after all?