Vladimir Putin, who has either been the President or the Prime Minister of Russia since 1999, has sworn in as Russian President for fourth time as he took the oath at the Grand Kremlin today (April 7, 2018) and will head the office for next six years – till 2024.

After a major crackdown of opposition, Vladimir Putin inaugurated a historic fourth term as the President of Russia on Monday – extending his two-decades in the office by six more years. After spending his last term for annexing Crimea from Ukraine and military campaign in Syria aiding Bashar al-Assad, Putin has promised to dedicate this term in upping the living standards of people of Russia. However, without a constitutional reform, Putin will not be able to run for the fifth time as Russian law doesn’t allow anyone from serving for more than two consecutive times.

The inauguration party this year would be planned to be a fairly low-key ceremony and is unlikely to include the lavish Kremlin reception to avoid any bad publicity like what happened in 2012. The ceremony will only include volunteers who had helped him in winning the elections. While by law, this could be Putin’s last term as the head of Russia, but currently, there is no politician in Russia who is popular enough to take over Putin and succeed the Kremlin chief – so analysts suggest that it is unlikely that he will leave power after six years.

One way for Putin to continue ruling Russia is by staying in power on a different position – like there can be a transfer of power, not Putin to another president but from Putin to Putin in some other role. A major crackdown on dissent ensued, with authorities introducing a raft of measures to bolster control over the internet. In a sign this trend would continue into Putin’s fourth term, last month the state telecoms watchdog tried to block popular messaging app Telegram and said Facebook could be next. As of now, for Putin to write his place in history, he needs to pick the right moment to go. Serving another six years is a road to nowhere. He will leave in a way that takes everyone by surprise.