The Qatar administration has finally amended its controversial exit visa requirement on Tuesday, which will allow foreign workers and immigrants to leave the country without having to issue exit visa.

Foreign workers and immigrants in Qatar were required to get permission from their employer – known as exit visa to leave Qatar. Labour rights group had been asking to abolish the controversial residency law since long and the Qatari legislation has finally amended its residency laws on Tuesday. After the need of exit visa being lifted off, most of the foreign workers and immigrants will now be allowed to leave Qatar without exit permits from their employers – as per the statement released by International Labour Organization, Doha.

The changes in labour and immigrant laws has been made as Doha is keen to tackle the allegations on its government regarding worker exploitation – ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022. The new changes come as a relief as a number of foreign workers have complained about facing exploitation from employers and facing refusals to issue exit permits, despite the end of their contract periods. Perhaps, the new law will not only make Qatar a worker-friendly country, but will also help the government to tackle the allegations of worker exploitation.

However, a maximum of 5% of each company’s workforce that includes the top-level and senior-most positions will need exit permit to leave the country. Also, workers will be required to obtain exit permits from their employers before changing their jobs. But, the new friendlier exit laws will benefit the mass of more than 1.6 million foreign workers in Qatar – most of whom are from Asia and a significant number of them are Indian nationals. Besides the exit permit reforms, Qatari government has also pledged to conduct other reforms like a minimum wage and a grievance procedure for workers in the country.