Amid the Rafale allegation row, an official source have revealed that the Comptroller and Auditor General aka Rafale CAG report for 36 fighter jets imported by Indian government from France, will be tabled in the Parliament today.

The Indian scam game has taken a political turn, as two of the largest political parties – BJP and Congress are attacking each other of massive scams like the Augusta Westland case and the Rafale deal case. As per Congress, Modi-led NDA government was involved in pushing industrialist Anil Ambani’s name for the defence deal for purchase of Rafale fighter jets from French company called Dassault to pothole millions out of the €7.87-billion inter-governmental agreement (IGA) with France.

Amid the new revelations related to the Rafale deal, the government officials have said that the audit report of the Rafale CAG for the jet deal will be tabled in the Parliament today – just before the current Budget session ends. However, official sources also added that the CAG report for the €7.87 billion jet deal will not contain the “pricing details because of national security”, as directed by the Defence Ministry. Hence, Rajiv Mehrishi, the then-Finance Secretary and CAG auditor of the Rafale deal will keep the pricing details out, and carry out an audit on percentage terms.

Apparently, the CAG report will contain comparison between the two bids of 2007 and 2015 for the Rafale jets, but only for the procedure and systems. Which means, it will contain the deal details of NDA government’s 36 aircraft deal and price of the UPA’s procurement of 18 flyaway aircraft in 2007 along with the global tender. However, since Mehrishi, who was officially associated with the deal when inked, is responsible for auditing his own deal reports means that he could possibly try to save himself and the government from corruption charges in the case. It is rather, the infringement of the cardinal ethics of law that no individual should be a judge in their own case.