Days ahead of Parliament’s winter session, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has urged all the ministers of states ruled by Congress and its allies to support the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill that reserves one third of eats in the Lok Sabha as well as other legislative bodies for women.

In the letter, Gandhi has urged all the ministers to pass a resolution in their respective Assemblies and hence push the Centre to consider passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in upcoming parliamentary session. Citing that India ranks 48 out of 193 countries in terms of ratio of female parliamentary members, Gandhi said that passing the bill will ensure that one-third quota in Lok Sabha and state assemblies is reserved for women and empower them in a way that  it curtails their participation in public life.

Back in 2010, the Bill was actually passed by the Upper House but it was lapsed with the dissolution of Lok Sabha in 2014 before becoming a law. Later during the NDA tenure, days before the Parliament’s winter session, Gandhi had written to PM Modi to demonstrate his commitment to the cause of women” by passing the Bill in the House. However, Union Minister Shankar Prasad countered it with accusing Congress for blocking triple talaq bill and denying “gender justice for Muslim women, which eventually overpowered the Women’s Reservation Bill in the previous session.

Perhaps this is effectively the final chance to possibly pass the major bill before 2019 general elections, and reserve 33 percent seats of the Lok Sabha and other legislative bodies for women, foreseeing women empowerment. But the NDA government seems to be keen to pass the triple talaq ordinance – which it and it might, once again overshadow the reservation bill in the upcoming parliamentary session.