Brawls among passengers because of ‘over-sleepy’ passengers in lower and middle berths of Indian Railway coaches is not new, but that doesn’t make it any less of a cringe. So to curb the problem, Railway Ministry has now shortened the sleep time in trains by an hour, making it – 10PM to 6AM.

With the new shortened-sleep-hours rule form Indian Railways Ministry, we hope that there will be an end to those tiresome fights among passengers, and sometimes even rail officials over the matter of ‘oversleeping’ in reserved coaches. In a latest circular, the railways board mentioned that passengers will now be allowed to sleep in their respective reserved compartments between 10PM to 6AM so that others can comfortably sit during their travel for the rest of day. Earlier, the allowed sleep time was 9PM to 6AM, but hardly did anyone follow that – causing discomfort to fellow passengers.

To make sure that people follow this rule in the reserved coaches, especially for people possessing lower and middle berths, train officials will make checks on over-sleepers. However, exceptions will be made for those who are sick, disabled or pregnant women. The Railway board has also directed passengers to cooperate with each other, because officials cannot keep round-the-clock checks and in the end, it is all up to the passengers.

Lately, Indian Railways have been on surge to improvement in quality across the widespread huge railway network across India. New trains have been introduced, some include facilities like on-board entertainment, refurbished coach interiors, comfortable seats, improved sanitation infrastructure and maintenance of cleanliness on superfast trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi to hygienic ways of handling food, special trolleys, clean linen and an option to give instant feedback on the food served on a tablet. With all these, Indian Railways could reach new heights and is on the right track; just that how long will this be followed, or rather will it ever be followed?