Indian railways are on the path of more and more facilitation and modernization, providing better facilities to the passengers. There has been a recent announcement by Railways minister Piyush Goyal that approximately 6,000 railway stations will be equipped with WiFi facilities within next 6 months.

He made this announcement at the ‘Smart Railways Conclave’ held by the FICCI, (federation of Indian chamber of commerce and industry) and expressed their aim to make Indian railways better in the terms of technology and smarter project implementation. According to him, pushing the digitization is a inevitable need to assure connectivity in the farthest corners of the nation, and the Railways are working on the same since long. Providing optical fiber connections and promoting technology in the remotest areas is a tough job though, but hopefully the project has been assigned a probable deadline of six to eight months to enable 6,000 railway stations with WiFi.

There has been a lot of changes in the Indian transport during last few years and that’s why the recent announcement seems more realistic and promising to the citizens. However the goal is tough enough to take the most time and efforts and government will have to work incessantly to accomplish this goal as soon as possible. Punctuality of the Indian railways has always been an issue but Goyal has said that in the previous times, trains have been more punctual than before.

There has been some 75% improvement in the schedules of railways, as the manual time keeping of the trains was replaced by data loggers that give computer generated time. As Goyal said, “We are working on putting a GPS device on every locomotive so that we will have every train marked on mobile phone, knowing exactly where they are.” Also, with making the Railways more efficient there will be a saving of $2 billion every year which would reduce the burden on the poor, as said by the Railway Minister.