Heavy rains have pounded the streets of Western Gujarat, this surely washes away the water issues faced by the state after past dry years but it has also caused flood-like situations in many places, is it nature’s bliss or a misery for many?

Continuous rainfall since Friday, this may not affect the rainy regions of Kerala or the rainforests of West Bengal, but it surely is unusual in a state like Gujarat. Rain is nature’s purest blessing, but anything in excess, even rain, causes utter misery among the vulnerable human society. Drainage systems, roads and houses are not designed to withstand incessant rainfall for two days, and it seems more like a calamity and less of a euphoria. Flood-like situations in many parts of Rajkot, Morbi, Jamnagar and Surendranagar districts of Saurashtra on Saturday, forcing relocation of over 2,000 people.

Teams of Indian Army, Indian Air Force (IAF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) were called in for evacuation and rescue operations in village marooned in rains waters. Towards the evening rains subsided and waters started receding in many parts. This shows how feeble and vulnerable we are in front of mother nature, and how important it is, reminding us not to abuse environment. Government announced high alert but the rain had stopped by Sunday evening, sighing people across the western region of Gujarat.

The heavy rainfall had caused  power outage from 124 villages in seven districts and efforts were on to restore the supply and 24 dams are overflowing or on the verge of overflowing. But this will solve the drinking water problem, it will flourish and revive the deserted forests and the browned out meadows. Rivers roar with the proud gusting water and mother nature will bloom with her best, a long-gone spectate in Gujarat. This may be a temporary dismay, but we have to respect the forces of nature, and savour the undoubted bliss.