Get ready to say goodbye to two very famous premium trains operated by Indian Railways – the Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express as the railway administration is planning to replace these two trains with world class trains named Train 18 and Train 20 – in June this year and others by 2020.

Indian Railways has a rich range of trains suitable for various terrains and people from various economic and social backgrounds. When said ‘premium train’, the first names that pops up are – Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi express – but we might have to say goodbye to these trains as the Indian Railways Ministry is planning to replace these two premium trains with two world-class trains. The new trains are expected to cut the travelling time by 20% compared to what the trains are taking currently and it will also be equipped with ‘world-class’ facilities to provide passengers a more comfortable journey experience.

As per Times of India report, the two new trains are known only as ‘Train 18’ and ‘Train 20’ and will replace Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains respectively. Here’s the take, the new trains are world-class, but they will be designed, developed and manufactured in India – keeping ‘Make in India’ moto on mind. The trains have been designed by Railways’ Integral Coach Factory and will be manufactured for half the cost of imported train sets. Also, the first set of trains will come with 16 completely air-conditioned coaches, Train 18 will be made of stainless steel body and Train 20 will be made of all-aluminium body.

The first set is expected to be launched in June this year and more trains will be introduced by 2020. The TOI report stated that these new trains are capable of reaching a speed of 160mph as they are designed keeping aerodynamics in mind, so it will allow lower wind resistance. Also, the trains will be self-propelled so they will have its own acceleration and deceleration, which means they will be quicker than the trains drawn by a locomotive. The trains are also expected to be equipped with Wi-Fi, bio-modular toilets and infotainment. Speed, comfort, hygiene and convenience – sounds good enough.