Now-a-days, the box office collection of a film is considered as a measure of its success. In spite of lesser promotion, the south Indian superstar Rajinikanth’s latest film ‘Kaala’ is slowly but steadily marching towards a big box office collection.

The film recently crossed the benchmark figure of Rs 100-crore in terms of its worldwide box office collections. The reports about the film suggest that it is doing exceedingly well in the international market. Moreover, superstar Rajinikanth has a loyal fan base in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. As per the latest reports, ‘Kaala’ has been successful enough to earn the second position in terms of opening weekend collections in Malaysia. The film has made a collection of Rs 7.61 crore by now in Malaysia. However, ‘Kaala’ was not able to beat the box office collections of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in Malaysia.

Besides, ‘Kaala’ is successful in grabbing profits in the US market as well. Recently, the film made a record USD 1 million (Rs 6.7 crore approx) collection and is expected to collect gross USD 2 million(Rs 13.5 crore approx) in the coming days. Until now, the film has received mixed reviews from the audiences with decent openings at most of the places. In fact, it is due to a good word of mouth reviews that the film has been able to enhance its earnings. Making a good mark in international markets like the US as well as Australia, the film has already made a collection of Rs 39.5 Cr in the international market.

It is likely that the film will be retained in most of the theatres in absence of any other big release coming up this week. It is remarkable that in ‘Kaala’, Rajinikanth portrays the role of a slum lord named Karikalan. While Eswari Rao plays the role of his wife, Huma Qureshi is seen as Karikalan’s ex-fiancee in the film. With more days passing by on the box office, the collection figures of the film’s earnings will surely enhance further turning it to be a successful endeavour for its makers.