Rajkot: After suffering under extreme heat conditions for more than three weeks there was a rest into the monotonous hot climate on Thursday in certain components of Saurashtra including Rajkot city.

Heavy winds from the south-westerly direction on the sea brought in rains and hailstorm in lots of areas of Rajkot city delivering the much-required relief from the uncontrollable heat that had put life away from gear.

Citizens, who had previously been pressured indoors with temperature remaining above 42°C in the last week, got some comfort due to the unseasonal rains. Evening temperatures came down dramatically when you look at the city.

Weather department said that as a result of the south-westerly winds prevailing, pre-monsoon activity was seen over Saurashtra region. This development probably will bring “light to moderate rain or thundershowers at isolated places in the districts of Saurashtra and in Diu”.

However, the weather is likely to remain dry in other components of their state for next 2 days.

With an abrupt change in weather, travellers got trapped at various places. In reality, those riding two-wheelers, faced a tough routine while passing through Mahila College underbridge. A lot of them slipped on the way as it became slippery due to rain.

Nevertheless, no major injury was recorded. Unseasonal rain and hailstorm have also been reported from components of Rajkot, Surendranagar, Jamnagar and Morbi districts.