Today was the last day for VP Hamid Ansari as Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha; as a farewell to Ansari, who has been the Chairman for past 10 years, the Rajya Sabha stalwarts united to praise Ansari.

Being the Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament – which often faces disruption and anguish among members, situations when they all go out of control; it is one thankless job. But the House has the tendency to work overtime once it starts working, and then the concluding statements to end the session ‘satisfactorily’ for all is not an easy job. But Hamid Ansari has stood steady and unfazed throughout his 10-years-long journey despite all the weary tasks. Praising the contribution by Ansari to the Upper House and the nation, there was a new strange but great sense of unity among the stalwarts of the House.

Members, while bidding farewell to Ansari, recalled his contribution towards enriching Parliament’s functioning. Most of them appreciated his constant endeavour to stick to the rules and not allowing any legislation to be passed during din. From PM Modi’s future compliments, to former PM Manmohan Singh loads of laud, and from Arun Jaitley’s appreciative nostalgia, to Ghulab Nabi Azad – everyone voiced in the same tune of praise for the outgoing Chairperson. Hamid Ansari will now be replaced by Venkaiah Naidu as the Vice President of India and Amit Shah will take over Ansari’s RS Chairman seat for the next five years.

Modi said that Ansari has given his best to uphold the Constitution and has been steadfast in fulfilling his duties dutifully. With today’s resignation, this will be end of an era in Rajya Sabha which under the watch of a diplomat turned politician who stood firmly by truth and the dignified presence will be missed, but the House works on.