The Reserved Bank of India has come up with new metallic currency which will be issued to commemorate the ‘150th Anniversary of Allahabad High Court’ and ‘125th Year of National Archives of India’. Oh and by ‘metallic money’ I meant ‘coins (Duh!). The new coins worth Rs 5 and Rs 10 will soon be introduced by RBI and will be in market for circulation.

The new Rs 5 coins will be minted to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Allahabad High Court and the coin’s face will bear an image of depicting centre facade of Allahabad High Court Building emerging from the book and the years 1866-2016 will be engraved at the bottom of the image.

About the Rs 10 coins, it will be all about 125th year of National Archives of India and will jubilate the occasion with the image of National Archives Building on the reverse side of the coin with inscription ‘125 YEARS’ below the image. The years ‘1891’ and ‘2016’ shall be written on the upper and lower periphery of the coin respectively. The coin will be extra special with the logo of 125th anniversary celebration.

These coins are expected to be in circulation very soon and it is really exciting to see these special edition coins. They really felicitate history and if preserved for years and years, generations over generations, they turn out to be rare, just like the queen Victoria coin, you know? (Vague talks, I know!)

The most important note: The existing coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10 will still continue to be a legal tender and you can use them. They are NOT demonetised, so please don’t cause any unreasonable havoc! The new coins will just be an addition to existing coins, like special chunks of money.