RBI has announced the plan to issue new 10 Rupees currency notes with enhanced security features and the old notes will continue to be a legal tender unlike the case with old Rs 500 notes.

The Reserve Bank of India is about to release new Rs 10 currency notes with enhanced security features and special qualities. Better security, whoopee! The RBI stated that the new notes in Mahatma Gandhi series-2005 will possess an inset letter “L” on both number panels in the front side and also the signature of governor Urjit Patel. The printing year i.e. 2017 will be mentioned on the back side of the note. The numerals on both the panels will be ascending in size from left to right, keeping the first three alphanumeric characters constant in size.

“All the bank notes in the denomination of Rs 10 issued by the Bank in the past will continue to be legal tender,” the central bank said in a notification. Which means that unlike the Rs 500 note which lost its legal tender after introduction of new notes during the November 2016 diktat, the old Rs 10 currency will still be seen in use. The RBI seems to be finally considering “old is gold”, only that if it would have been considered earlier, the country could have been saved from the crazy nationwide chaos.

The bigger question is, what will be the colour of the new Rs 10 notes after the bright-hued bubbly pink Rs 2000 and the dull monotonous stone grey Rs 500. Let’s just expect something moderated from the colour spectrum may be.