Demonetisation and the circulation of new currency notes began almost side by side. Since then, some new notes were introduced in the market by RBI. After introducing new versions of bigger currencies, RBI is now soon introduce the Rs 20 notes in market; without invalidating the existing currency.

Government introduced new notes of Rs 200 and Rs 2000, while new notes of Rs 100, Rs 50, and Rs 10 were also released. All this notes were in different sizes, designs, and different colors like purple, orange, brown and blue. Now, RBI is going to introduce new currency notes of 20 Rs soon. The new look were introduced in November 2016 under the Mahatma Gandhi (New) series. However, all other old notes except the notes worth Rs 1000 and Rs 500 are still valid to be used in the market.

The new notes that were issued, are special because, behind every note is printed a heritage site. E.g. the red fort at the back of the Rs 500 note, Konark Sun temple at the back of Rs 10 note,  and so on. The Rs 2000 note has Mangalyaan on it’s back side. These notes also have measurements different than the previously issued ones. About the New Rs 20 note, there were around 4.92 billion pieces of Rs 20 notes circulating in the economy as noted on March 31, 2016.

In March 2018, this number went on to be more than double and reached about 10 billion. Also, by this time, These Rs 20 notes accounted for 9.8 per cent of the total number of currency notes in circulation. According to the Press Trust of India, the new 20-rupee note will be having some more features as compared to the currently existing currency note. Also, the new note will be different in size and design compared to the notes issued previously. So, Let’s hope to know soon what does the government gets printed on the new 20 rupee note.