Vadodara/Rajpipla: Whether Aadhaar is advantageous for you or not, but for this family, it is proved lifeline as one of missing family member has come back after a long time. Read the heart-catching story of Vadodara boy, who went missing and Aadhaar card helped him.

Had it not been for his Aadhaar card enrolment, Sangma Gante from Latur locale in Maharashtra would have never been brought together with her listening ability and speech-impaired orphan sibling Sanjay. Sanjay, who had gone out in Henchal town of Latur after a battle with his senior sibling in 2014, was as of late re-joined with the family, in Rajpipla town of Narmada region after authorities there discovered his points of interest on the government site.

After his parents died in 2011, Sangma had been taking care of him.

On March 22 a year ago, the Vadodara railway police discovered Sanjay, then 11, lingering around alone on the rail route station. Endeavours to find his family demonstrated pointless as he couldn’t convey. He was sent to Vadodara-based Don Bosco Shehalaya where he was kept for 15 days.

Afterwards, he was moved to the government-run deaf of hearing and quiet private school keep running by Bal Suraksha Ayog at Rajpipla. Narmada locale kid insurance officer Chetan Parmar stated, “We also tried to get some clue or information from him about his home but in vain. We decided to name him Aakash and admitted him in class II.” Parmar included that since it was required to have Aadhaar enrolments for all youngsters, a camp was organised in January 2017 where a unique mark and retina sweep was accomplished for all understudies.

Following seven days, when every single other student’s enrollment was effective, just Aakash’s enlistment was absent. On checking the Aadhaar site, it became known that the points of interest copied. On checking further, his Aadhaar enrolment of the year 2011 was shown alongside the photo and thorough details of Sanjay Nagnath Yenkur.