Every individual on this planet somewhere, somehow and sometime must have encountered with the very mainstream cliché, “Karma always pays you back”. And here I have, one more addition to thousands of real life examples of how our deeds and what we do matter and affect our lives and out fate. The story of a Syrian photographer – Abd Alkader Habak.

A couple of months earlier, hundreds over hundreds of residents of Aleppo city were being evacuated to safer places and camps. The sanguine situation at Aleppo which was like an oasis in the arid desert for the grim-struck Syrian civilians turned into cataclysmic with the detonation of the bomb which killed 126 people including 80 children. Amidst the massacre, was a photographer named Abd Alkader Habak, who was on duty while the bombing incident was induced. Dismayed by the brutal genocide, breathless children laying on the ground struggling for life, Habak decided to drop his cameras and help the victims in whatever ways he can and he did.

While Habak was carrying one of the injured child hastily, one of his colleagues captured the picture which canvased the pristine selflessness of not just Habak, but the whole human race. This picture went so viral all over international media and social media, that his act of humanity had touched the hearts of millions from all around the world. The media was flooded with headlines calling Habak – “Angel amidst Syrian wreck“, “Hero of Syria”, “Beyond compassion”, “Act of humanity” and what not.

Most of us know about his act of humanity, but there is other side to the story too. During the attack, Habak’s camera which is the source of his income and livelihood was damaged. He used this camera to show the real face of Syria and the situation of Syrian people to the world, but it was broken on that very fateful day. Somehow, that caught the attention of a westerner lady, Brenda Sue Tolian, who decided to help Habak in replacing his camera so that he can continue his work. Brenda went ahead and started up a fundraiser on a well-known online fundraising portal called gofundme.com.

The fundraiser has already received a significant amount of donation from individuals across the world who never knew and will probably never meet or see Habak. The campaign is still trending and is in progress and it still requires contribution from everyone and anyone. This is how karma works; it always pays you back. Habak selflessly did something applaud-worthy and now others are heads-on-toes willing to help him; it is a vicious cycle. And karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve so do good things and good things will come your way without even trying.