The opening ceremonies of Olympics are expected to be pageantry on global standards, a celebration at its best. For PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018, it was something that nobody has ever witnessed before – an incredible record-setting 1218-drone light show.

A drone light show that fills up the dark night skies is not something that has occurred for the first time at the Olympics opening ceremony in South Korea. You may have supposedly watched the drone army that flanked in Lady Gaga’s show in last year’s Super Bowl. But the burst of light-clad drones that filled up the skies of PyeongChang Olympics arena on Friday night comprised of four times as many drones at the Super Bowl. With a record setting number of 1218 drones, anything like this has never really occurred ever before – no hyperbole here. It was incredible and it looked magical. And if you haven’t watched it yet, well you haven’t lived! Go ahead, indulge.


The incredible drone show was organised by the light drone experts – Intel. On Friday night, Intel used their Shooting Star platform – a fleet of foot-long, eight ounce, plastic and foam quad-copters to fly in sync, swooping and swirling along an animator’s prescribed path. These super light Shooting Star drones can light up in the sky and make formations for up to 20 minutes in the sky. However, the record breaking drone show you will see anywhere, it was pre-recorded. No it’s not a cheating, it is rather an assurance that they perform the way they were meant to because tiny little drones can’t really be expected to handle the cold, windy, snowy weather of PyeongChang.

So there were no 1218 drones to make a live appearance at the arena, but yes, a small group of 300 drones did make a live appearance at the ceremony. And to make it up, Intel will show up the 300 drone performance every night for medal ceremony – live, so that the audience can have plenty of chances to watch the incredible little light-emitting drones at the ceremony. They make everything look just so magical.