Reliance Jio and Screenz have entered into a partnership for providing an entertainment-based interactive platform for gamification. According to the company, this partnership will make Jio Screenz the largest platform and one of the only integrated providers of entertainment-based gamification in India.

This partnership would facilitate broadcasters and publishers to creating engaging content like Jio Cricket Play Along and Jio Kaun Banega Crorepati Play Along for a wide array of entertainment audience across the country. It is noteworthy that this partnership comes into being after the JioInteract – an artificial intelligence-based brand engagement platform. Reliance Jio expects this partnership to turn fruitful for them by creating engaging content and giving broadcasters the chance to advertise and engage their audiences.

Among the features of this platform, it will include: First of its kind and real-time two-way conversation between broadcasters and viewers with the help of quizzes, polls, and votes, during a TV show. Second feature is the content management system or the CMS, which would allow broadcasters to design, create and launch in order to create an interactive engagement with the audiences. The new platform will work on Android, iOS, and JioPhone’s Kai-OS. At the same time, it will support social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

For the purpose of getting the feedback, the platform will include data reporting wherein a unique profile for every user will be created which would also enable target advertising. After Jio Cricket Play Along has been introduced, it has enrolled as many as 65 million users with it. With this new endeavour coming into place, Reliance Jio and Screenz are trying to make television viewing more interactive and engaging for the audience. It is expected that this new partnership will open the doors of a new world of exciting and engaging entertainment for the huge mass of television viewers across the country.