In a major expansion, Reliance Jio is planning to hire around 70,000 to 80,000 new employees in the current financial year as a part of major workforce expansion to meet the requirement of more manpower which comes from Jio Payments.

Reliance and its associate companies is undergoing some visible work-culture change which includes perks and flexibility for the employees. Over that, there’s news from Reliance Jio which will be a great opportunity for people seeking jobs – especially freshly graduates. During a conference organised by Society for Human Resource Management in Hyderabad on Thursday, Reliance Jio’s Chief HR manager Sanjay Jog expressed that the telecom giant is looking forward to hire about 70,000 to 80,000 new employees during the current fiscal year as part of their expansion plans.

Currently, the workforce of Jio sizes to 1,57,000 people and there are  one million retailers who are on-board, each one impacting two to three employees. The added workforce will aid the company to work on new projects, including the geographically distributed Jio Payments bank. From the attritions of new recruits, 32% will be for the sales department and technical areas in the construction sites. Whereas, there will be recruitment of just 2% at the headquarters of Reliance Jio. This will be an opportunity for a number of experienced as well as unexperienced professionals to work with India’s one of the largest private sector brand name.

To reach out to prospective candidates for all jobs, Reliance Jio has tied up with over 6,000 colleges, including technical institutions across India. Besides this, recruitment will also be done through referrals which includes employees and college references – in fact, 60 to 70 percent of recruitment in the company accounts on referrals. Oh and if you are not associated with any college or nobody you know is working with Reliance Jio, you still have hope because the company will take the recruitment drive to social media platforms too. Once selected, just-graduated candidates might be trained with some embedded courses in institutes having tie-ups with Reliance and will be made “Reliance ready”.