Music fans around the world were stunned with sadness as the news of rockstar Chris Cornell’s unexpected passing away was spread on May 17, 2017. The lead artist of Soundgarden and a prominent member of music band Audioslave has been cremated at forever at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and to honour the star, let’s remember him with some of his best masterpieces.

Chris Cornell, undoubtedly the most amazing vocalist of our time, has had a lengthy career between his solo work and his collaborations with Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave, etc. Cornell began his music career as the lead singer and frontman of the rock/grunge band Soundgarden. Cornell was an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, but what he will best be remembered for is his one of a kind voice, that smooth, yet rough around the edges, voice that settles warmly in the pit of your stomach.

This is Chris Cornell’s solo performance on John Lennon’s Imagine

His love for music defied the musical boundaries placed on artists tied to specific genres. While the means of Cornell’s death are indeed tragically intriguing, we should all focus on appreciating the life and work of a talented artist, father, husband, and friend. Cornell was constantly pushing his musical range, and because of that, we were granted with almost 30 years of honest and quality music. And we are lucky he decided to share it with us. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.