Living in the ‘diabetes capital’, there would hardly be anyone who doesn’t know about diabetes in India, yet people still lack knowledge and awareness towards this disease. To help people monitor diabetes more closely, a new technology has been developed so that the ‘silent killer’ can be controlled efficiently.

Diabetes is basically a condition which occurs because of two reasons – lack of insulin in blood or when body cannot properly utilize insulin. Now there are three types of diabetes – Type 1 is called juvenile diabetes and is usually diagnosed in children and youngsters; in this type the body nearly doesn’t produce insulin at all. Whereas, Type-2 diabetes occurs because of insulin resistance from the body which means insulin hormones are produced by the body, but doesn’t utilize it. And the final type of diabetes is gestational diabetes in which pregnant women without diabetes develop high blood sugar during their pregnancy.

This means, the treatment and control of diabetes is solely ‘insulin-level’ centric and to control the disease properly, accurate record of blood sugar levels must be managed. Through conventional methods, sugar aka glucose levels are measured using test strips and a small meter which collects sample of blood from fingertip and measure the glucose level using test strip. But this method can certainly not monitor sugar levels continuously and that is when the idea of introducing new technology jumped in.

As per this new technological device, it uses a small sensor, a tiny electrode inserted under the skin. The monitor will alert you if your blood sugar goes too high or low so that adjustments can be made to medicine or insulin injection. Records such as that of your blood sugar, blood pressure etc. can be kept on your smartphone and there are number of apps to keep you alerted. Stacks of information is also available on internet, which might help you in controlling your sugar level for better heath.