Summer is almost here, and it is time for the airy style, the chilled food and everything fluid to beat the heat. But the season takes a toll on skin too. If you are one of those who love summer, but are worried about the sunburns, here’s a simple research on how to choose the perfect sunscreen for your skin-type to shine under the sun this summer.

You might just want to pick up any sunscreen from the drugstore shelves, it is not that simple because you need to choose the right sunscreen that suits your skin type for best protection against strong summer sun, or any season sun in that case. With a bundle of sunscreens available in the market, it can get a little tricky to pick the right one – so we did the research for you to let you stay protected from the sun, not just this summer – but round the year.

The core of any sunscreen is the SPF i.e. the Sun Protection Factor. Choosing the right SPF is very important and 20 to 35 are suitable for Indian skin types. However, sun rays tend to affect fair skin tones easily so SPF 30 – 50 is advisable for fair to medium skin tones; while SPF 25-20 should work just fine for the darker toned beauties or handsome-s. Also that the intensity of UV rays in the coastal areas are bit too high for SPF 30 to help you so go for SPF 30-50 on your next vacation to the beaches or if you live in coastal areas. Make sure to pick UVA and UVB protecting high SPF sunscreen for best protection.

For face, you might want to choose a light-weight sunscreen or a mist and apply a thin layer rather than heavy, creamy sunscreen lotions and in contrast to that opt for thicker sunscreens for body. For oily skin, make sure to buy a gel based, mattifying, soufflé based, mousse based, powder based or water based sunscreens because you don’t want to be uncannily reflective. Avoid the oil based or glycerine based sun-blocks. Look for sunscreens with “broad spectrum” and apply it 30 minutes prior to going out in sun and also reapply it ever two hours.

If you have dry skin, you can pretty much gamble blindly on any sunscreen and prefer oil based creams so they moisturize your skin along with protection against the sun. And if you have combination skin, there are water-based moisturizing sunscreens which will take care of both dry and oily patches of your face. Sensitive skin folks might want to avoid aphelia content and also patch-test the products on the back of your ear or earlobe prior to facial usage. Also, waterproof sunscreens are available which will hang in there protecting your skin even if you wash your face. That is pretty much it about the sunscreens. Enjoy the summers and before that, choose your sunscreen wisely.