Bollywood movie “Bank Chor” by Y-Films released a motion poster yesterday and it will be released in 16D, let me repeat, sixteen-freaking-dimensions besides virtual reality and augmented reality formats giving a never before movie experience. It will be released on 16 June this year. The movie seems to be all about 16!

There was a time when even the 3D photographs were a rarity, then came a time when 3D movies were enjoyed a lot, then 4D and 5D, but his must be the biggest leap because not it is time for 16D! That’s right, upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Bumpy and produced by Ashish Patil, “Bank-Chor” has been designed with the next level of technology and immersive experiences where 16D helps activate all senses for a viewer in terms of touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste and also thought, imagination and feeling, read a statement from the banner along with virtual reality and augmented reality formats for a never before experience.

Starring Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Rhea Chakraborty, the movie is about three stupid goofy, bumbling robbers, costuming – a hathi (elephant), a ghoda (horse) and a baba (sage) trying to loot a bank on the most inappropriate day. What else make Bank-Chor that extra bit special are the 16 dimensions! Imagine you can actually touch and smell the movie scenes, creepy but fascinating, right? 3D seems so last season when we have 16D; I mean that is ground-breaking stuff!

According to one of the stars of the movie Vivek Oberoi, he has already experienced the movie and it has rocked his world. The movie will do much more than just tickling your senses, it will be a mental experience. The film will make you a part of the bank as one of the hostages when the heist is taking place, the statement explained. For this to happen, the partner multiplex and exhibition chains are overhauling their screening systems to accommodate the film accordingly, as it is a clutter-breaking viewing experience.

However, the makers of the film have also planned to organize a medical team at the theatres in case the 16D experience turns out to be overwhelming for some viewers. This is all so exciting! Have you ever heard of medical backups for a movie? Like, hello? Never! But it is going to be true on 16th June this year.  Are you ready and all excited to get your world rocked with 16 dimensions? (Hit the like button if you are!) (Okay, hit the like button even if you aren’t.)