Dubai is known to break conventions and always makes a big-bang news, so robots will be patrolling the streets of Dubai as police officers now. Yep, Robocop for real, no kidding!

Dubai unveils world’s first ever practically operational robot police officers and was officially inducted into Dubai Police force during the 4th Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC). The Robocop is the modified version of REEM robot which was designed by PAL robotics. The 5-feet tall and 100 kg weighing robot can provide live feed videos to the command centre, forward reported crimes to officers, levy and settle fines, identify hand gestures from 1.5 metres, recognize faces and even understand people’s emotions and facial expressions. So the Robocop knows if you are smiling or sad or angry and will help one in ‘easing out’.

The ‘new recruit’ is also capable of speaking six different languages, chat with people, shake hands and deliver a military salute too. This new sheriff’s first job will be on-duty at malls and tourist attractions where people can tap the touchscreen oh his chest to report crime, pay fines or have a friendly chat. And the silver lining – the anonymous Robocop will not need any visa, special training for days and even salaries; and all this with 24/7 service, no sick or maternity leaves, no holidays! Most ideal policeman or what!

Needless to say, the Robocop’s in-built integrated system will have it connected to social media and other applications. And the Dubai police said that they are planning to constitute 25 percent of its police force by 2030, with the next stage being to use them as receptionists in police stations. Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, General Director of Dubai Police’s Smart Services Department said that they eventually want to introduce fully-functional robot that can work as normal police officers.

Robocop and army soldiers are old sci-fi ideas but now they are turning to be reality and with introduction of world’s first real life Arab robotic policeman, they are becoming more and more real and the day when they’ll be a part of our day to day life is not far away.