The very popular and very loved Rock and Roll King Elvis Presley is one of the most significant cultural icons of 20th century. A private jet once owned by Elvis Presley just got auctioned in California with a glamourous price tag of $430,000 which is approximately Rs 200 Crores!

The 1962 Lockheed Jetstar jet owned by Presley has been resting on a runway in Roswell, New Mexico for 35 years and has no engine and no restored cockpit; yet it has been sold for a massive price. Which according to the auction-house is a ‘little low’ as they expected to fetch $2million and $3.5million. But the jet which was forgotten on the ‘aircraft graveyard’ for 35 years and yet has preserved with its red velvet seats, shag-pile carpets, gold-toned hardware and original woodwork.

The inside of the jet is adorned wtih red velvet and shag-pile carpets

According to the auction house, the interiors of the plane were designed by Presley himself and this was one of the three jets owned by the King of Rock and Roll throughout his lifetime. This jet was particularly very special to Presley as he owned it with his father Vernon Presley and the aircraft has never been restored and original external painting and detailing as well as original interiors are still maintained.

Elvis Plane Auction

The person who bought it and the buyer’s plans for the plane have not been released. However, the GMS Auctions Inc. estimates the buyer could earn millions off the plane once it is restored. Though it is unclear where the buyer of the jet lives, the plane will have to be disassembled to be shipped. Untouched since Elvis owned it, this plane has great, great value as it was once owned by the legendary singer.

The two other planes owned by Elvis are now on display at the Elvis Presley Museum in Memphis, Tenn. And this was the last of the three planes, hence the price and hence the importance. After all, it is not just some jet and it is not about just some guy, it is about Elvis Presley, the name says it all.