The Indian government has initiated the process for deportation of Rohingyas, originally from Myanmar by conducting official talks with officials of Bangladesh.  Perhaps, a total of 52 Rohingyas are to be deported from Assam to Bangladesh today, and they return home after years, while India is still thousands of immigrants from neighbouring countries.

More than 4 lakh Rohingyas escaped the ethnic wipe-out massacre in Myanmar in April last year and took refuge to the neighbouring country Bangladesh – a tiny third world country that faces hurdles to fulfill needs of its own citizens. Yet, months passed and Bangladesh has embraced the refugees while Rohingya refugees overpopulate the Cox Bazaar region. Having said that, India has been welcoming to refugees from all around the world – be it Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or even Pakistan since decades.

Perhaps, we have no room for 52 Rohingyas, because as the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, India has entered into talks and legal discussion with Bangladesh for deporting Rohingyas refugees who are staying illegally in the country. Kiren Rijiju, who has always been desperately looking out to deport the “illegal Rohingyas”, confirmed that 52 of them will be deported on July 30 from Assam and assured that the external affairs ministry will talk to both Bangladesh and Myanmar, if needed.

The state governments is even working on identifying illegal immigrants through biometric details and make sure they do not possess any documents through which they can claim Indian citizenship in the future. Rijiju also confirmed that the Bangla government has agreed, identified and accepted the identity of 52 people as Bangladeshis and have agreed these 52 people including one minority will be deported on July 30 at 11 am at Mankachar IPC in Assam. So they go back home, after all these years.