The Centre has released a total of Rs 340 crore to Assam for conducting flood relief operations including food supply, water supply, rehabilitation and repair work of infrastructural damages caused due to flood, as per statement made by Jitendra Singh.

Premature and early rainfall in North India has led to epidemic flood situations, especially in the state of Assam. The first wave of rainfall proved heavy for Assam and more than 5 lakh people in seven districts were affected by the flood. Since last week, the downpour has flooded towns and villages that has led to a total of 25 fatalities across Assam. In such miserable situation, the Opposition parties made allegations on BJP-led Central government that it has not provided adequate relief to help the people affected by flood in Assam.

Addressing questions raised by Opposition that the Centre is not providing adequate relief for flood relief operations in Assam, Union Minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Jitendra Singh said on Tuesday that the Centre has released Rs 340 crore for Assam flood relief so far. Of the total figure of flood relief and repair funds, Rs. 101 crore by the Ministry of DoNER for covering the expenses needed for infrastructural repair; and Rs 239 crore was released by the Ministry of Home Affairs to tackle food-related issues in Assam after flood – under the Disaster Relief funds.

Furthermore, Singh notified state administration and ministers to generate and submit a detailed memorandum of all damages and losses caused by the premature first wave of rainfall that flooded the state of Assam. He also claimed that they have asked Assam state government to send details of their requirements for flood relief and damage repair – which will be reviewed and might be granted by the government. Perhaps, flood relief is much more than releasing funds like – deploying relief team, providing basic supplies like food, water and electricity.