In a multilateral conference hosted by Russia in Moscow, the Russian government met with members of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council on Friday and the meeting was also attended by members of Taliban with an aim to promote peace in war-torn Afghanistan.

Russia has been trying to intervene in Afghanistan dispute and promote peace in the war torn nation. On Friday, Russian government held the second such meeting with insurgent group in a bid to push peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. It has been reported that Indian officials were invited to join the meeting, but India had declined the invitation and rather opted to attend a conference in a “non-official” capacity aiming to bring back peace in Afghanistan. For this, two retired ambassadors TCA Raghavan and Amar Sinha attended the conference with Taliban unofficially.

Five of the insurgent group’s member led by Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai from Qatar had attended the conference in Moscow and they came up with four conditions to begin peace talks for Afghanistan. The conditions were: “removal from international sanctions, release of all detained Taliban cadres, formal opening of an office and the stopping of what it described as ‘poisonous propaganda’ against the group, including allegations of its involvement in attacks on students and civilians”.

But for Moscow, this is the second such attempt to promote reconciliation between Afghan and Taliban and attain peace in Afghanistan. And the close meeting right after Taliban met with the US officials raise the good-old concern about classic, well-known Russia – America competition. Regardless of this, the recent rounds of participation of insurgency groups and governments of involved nations shows the momentum that much-needed global peace efforts has started to gain.