New Delhi: Indian Legendary Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has created mobile app for his die-hard fans namely ‘100MB’. You can catch Sachin live and get IPL updates.

The MB in (100MB) stands for the epithet of ‘Master Blaster’ that Tendulkar was given during his record-breaking career.

Tendulkar tweeted a video message to address his fans saying, “It is time to get up and close with me, and to be able to do that we have created a new platform called 100MB. What we are trying to create is all the information on me, whether it is social media updates or anything that I generally do in life, you’ll have it on one platform, one destination.”

Apart from this, app will feature post-match coverage of each IPL match with predictions and analysis. It is also running special contests this IPL season with Sachin merchandise as give-away prizes.

This app offers Live feeds, chats and discussions enriching the experience, especially for those who never got chance to meet Sachin.

The app displays upcoming fixtures and live scores from matches around the world. Users can also post on multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter through the app. Similarly, all the updates from Sachin can be accessed in a single feed on the app.

“Many of you and my friends have asked me what are you going to do in your second innings of life. The first innings went on for 24 years. There are number of things which I am involved in, but something which I am looking forward to starting soon, in fact now, is the digital innings,” Tendulkar said at the launch in Mumbai.

“It will allow me to get closer to my fans. My journey started as a 10-year-old who saw India win the World Cup in 1983, so in my song, what I have tried to do is thank all those cricketers who have helped me realise my dream, six World Cups that I have been,” he added.

“I was fond of music, but never thought I will sing a song,” he said.

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