Amid the financial constraints that the government is facing, Kashmir had recently accepted the recommendations of 7th pay commission while there are other states like Haryana, trying to implement the recommendations at their best, by increasing the salary twice a year.

Haryana government has some good news for the employee class receiving 20-25% of salary hike. While many other states are implementing the recommendations accordingly, Haryana has decided to raise the salaries of guest teachers by 25% from now onward. Along with that, the Haryana government has also decided to pay two salary hikes a year, one of them being in January while the other one in July, considering the cost of living index. The guest teachers serving as JBT/Drawing teacher, master or school lecturer would get Rs.26,000, Rs.30,000 and Rs.36,000, respectively from July 1, 2018 where earlier they were paid Rs. 21,715 for JBT/Drawing teachers, Rs.24,001 for master and Rs.29,715 for school lecturers.

The decision was taken in a meeting headed by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and was attended by union of guest teachers and other ministers. One of the officials commented on this decision by government to be in the favour of guest teachers and an appreciative step taken by the government. Subsequently, hikes in salary will be provided by next January, and the salary hike will match the increase in cost of living index as prescribed and announced by the Economic and Statistical Analysis Department, Haryana.

“Today, taking a significant decision in the interest of thousands of working guest teachers, the chief minister has decided to increase their salary to Rs.26,000, Rs 30,000 and Rs.36,000, respectively,” an official said. Considering how fast the recommendations are accepted and put into action, the government​ employees of Haryana are most likely to receive salary increment twice a year under the 7th pay commission recommendations.