The Gold Coast is proving golden for India defending champion weightlifter Sathish Sivalingam claimed victory in the 77kg men’s weightlifting event on third day of Commonweath Games 2018, to win India’s third gold medal this year.

Sathish Sivalingam entered the arena with injured thighs which made even routine chores like sitting to be painful, gasped a deep breath and purged into 149kg snatch and 179 kg clean and jerk lifts, totalling 328kg to bewilder the audience and win the evening. With the gold at Gold Coast and a gold four years ago is Glasgow, Sathish has become the first Indian weightlifter to win gold medals at the Commonwealth Games back to back. And with the massive difference in lifts from the second best, Sathish scored off a comfortable at the Commonwealth Games 2018 at Gold Coast, Australia.

It was an interesting competition between the 25-year-old Indian weightlifter and eventual silver-medallist Jack Oliver from England on Saturday. Both contenders kept adding weights before each attempts but Jack kept ahead when he lifted 145kg in second attempt – ending up a kilogram more than Sathish’s score. However, Sathish caught back the lead in the clean and jerk round after Oliver failed two attempts of 171kg and settled for a total of 312kg (145kg+167kg). On the other hand, Indian lifter scored off an impressive 328kg total lift to win the gold. The bronze medal went to Australian showman Francois Etoundi, who lifted 305kg (136kg+169kg) and collapsed clutching his injured shoulder after his final lift.

Addressing at the medal ceremony, Sathish said, “I had no hopes of winning a medal after I injured my thighs during the National Championships while attempting 194kg in clean and jerk. It’s a quadriceps problem, even now I am competing at less than ideal fitness but I am glad that was enough to get me a gold.” Within three days, India’s counting this metal has now added up to a tally of three gold medals and a silver medal and a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games 2018, Gold Coast, Australia.