The ‘in-vogue’ Indian comedy show – ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’ has been in headlines for its cast relinquish rumours. After Shilpa Sindhe, there were rumours of Saumya Tandon aka ‘Anita Bhabhi’ quitting the show because the actress didn’t renew her contract with the makers of the soapie. The actress later confirmed that she is in no mood of quitting anytime soon and assured fans that she is already shooting for the show.

Saumya, on the show is known for her prominent style and with her designer dresses and elegant styles, she has attracted many viewers. A recent episode when Saumya arose in Jodha’s avatar clad with a beautiful Aishwarya-like lehenga, she made some remarkable headlines. But the show has been in headlines for quite a few disputes among the cast members and makers.

Shilpa Sindhe aka Angoori Bhabhi has already quit the show and with the reports of Saumya Tandon thinking of leaving the show, fans were upset as they felt that the actress is the soul of the show. But fans can now rejoice as Saumya has confirmed via Twitter that she is not quitting the show anytime soon.

Saumya’s recent Tweet said “Guys relax don’t jump to conclusions, all is well, I am here shooting Bhabhiji”. She had also earlier tweeted with a positive post saying, “Bhabhiji is a lovely show and a great team to work with. Keep showering your love to #Gorimem”. Saumya adds a lot of charm to her character with her comic timings and keeps the glamour alive in the show.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is a show that revives and rejuvenates the good old 90’s humour and gives a nostalgic tone which is why it is so well-appreciated and loved by viewers. Knowing that Saumya will be ruling the screens, it is a moment of exult for all ‘Bhabhiji’ fans and the much-loved soap will keep people giggling as always.