Four years on, millions spent and yet, there is nothing. The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane MH370 disappeared carrying 239 people in 2014, has finally come to an end with no answers – making this to be one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries that remain unsolved.

On 8th March, 2018, a Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 carrying 239 people on board was en route towards Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Within one hour of take-off, the aircraft lost all contacts with air traffic controllers – without leaving any messages or distress signals. That was it, never again was MH370 seen, neither was there any word from any of the 239 people, nor was anything ever found – the plane just vanished. Soon after this incident, massive search operations were announced by the governments of Australia, Malaysia and China to look for MH370 – nothing was ever found except few pieces of debris that are “suspected” to be parts of the missing Malaysian flight.

In 2017, the governments of all three nations announced that they are suspending the official search after failing to find anything in the area thought to be the plane’s final resting place. But it was in January 2018 that the Malaysian government signed up a private company named Ocean Infinity to conduct unpaid search operations for MH370 and if successful within 90-day-limit, the agency would be awarded with $70 million as reward. But after moving past the deadline, Ocean Infinity did not find any sign of the plane despite scouring the seabed with some of the world’s most hi-tech search equipment.

There is still no answer. Experts still cannot come to a definitive conclusion as to whether MH370 remained under the pilot’s command, or crashed out of control into the sea. Ocean Infinity too has ended the search for lost flight MH370 without having achieved that aim. The jet’s disappearance stands as one of the most enduring aviation mysteries of all time and has spawned a host of theories. The Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke says a full report into the plane’s disappearance will be published in the future but has not given a date and making it the largest sea-search ever. There will be no further search official operations for MH370, unless credible evidence emerged on the plane’s location. But for now, all we know is MH370 disappeared.