Days after being in dilemma and almost sinking plans, Seychelles has finally agreed to work together with India in development of Indian Naval Base on Assumption Island – soon after meeting between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Seychelles President Danny Faure.

India and Seychelles have been discussing about development of Indian Naval Base on Assumption Island since 2015, but due to political opposition in Seychelles – the plan has often been pushed back from turning into a reality. Prior to Seychelles President Danny Faure visit to India on June 4, the Seychelles government had called off the plan to develop a naval base at the archipelago nation’s Assumption Island. However, on Monday, Faure declared that the project has been discussed and they are ready to work together on the Assumption Island.

The development of a naval base in Seychelles’ Assumption Island will be a major progression for India as it will give India, a strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean. Naval presence on the southern region of Indian Ocean will turn to be beneficial for India in current times, as China is continuously bolstering its footprint in the oceanic region. However, Faure had expressed how both countries had agreed to equally engage in respecting each other’s response and facilitate cooperation in fields representing priorities on the sub-regional, regional and continental agendas.

Besides the agreement on naval base in Assumption Island, the two nations signed six memorandums of understanding today and has committed cooperation to maintain peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region – during Faure’s four-day trip to India. These new MoUs cover important sectors like development including culture, cyber security, maritime safety and security cooperation, diplomacy and infrastructure development. India also announced a USD 100-million credit to Seychelles for augmenting its defence capabilities by being able to buy new defence equipment to boost its maritime capacity.